OS X Yosemite Continuity and Handoff Review

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Continuity. It’s a word you are liable to hear a considerable measure of from Apple over the coming weeks and months. In any case, what does it mean, and is it any good?

Found in the master plan, it is the move by Apple to interface every one of your gadgets together. Whether that is noting a call coming into your telephone by means of your portable workstation, seeing an instant message on your watch and, apparently, different screens and gadgets like Apple TV later on.

Talking sincerely to Apple representatives in the course of the most recent six months and playing with the new component in the OS X Yosemite and iOS 8.1 betas since its first declaration at WWDC in San Francisco, we’ve been encountering Continuity from the get go.

It will permit you to keep your telephone in your pocket while utilizing its network all through different gadgets much more than you have already.

The key components to Continuity

Progression is the showcase name for the idea, however it is really comprised of various components that include:

  1. The capacity to transform your iPhone into a versatile hotspot without getting it out of your pocket.
  2. The capacity to send and get instant messages to non-iPhone clients by means of the Messages application in OS X Yosemite
  3. The capacity to utilize your iPhone’s association with make telephone calls through your desktop.
  4. The capacity to get to applications from different gadgets you are working with somewhere else.

Hold up, what’s Handoff?

Apple has also presented something many refer to as Handoff, which is a piece of Continuity. This component will give you a chance to proceed what you were doing on your Mac utilizing your iPhone or iPad.


The thought is to give you a chance to step far from your work area and simply continue what you were doing, with a symbol showing up on your iPad show. You essentially swipe up and you can be back on that site you were perusing, or the message you were creating.

Apple has also presented something many refer to as Handoff, which is a piece of Continuity.

It works both ways as well. Let’s assume you begin creating an email on your iPad, and afterward acknowledge you have to bear on at your work area, a symbol will show up and you can lift it up where you cleared out off on the other gadget.


To utilize Continuity or Handoff you do need to ensure both your iPhone and Mac are setup to work appropriately.On the product front you should be running OS X Yosemite on your Mac and in any event iOS 8.0.2 on your iPhone or iPad.

Computer requirements for Apple’s Continuity feature

iOS 8.0.2 will permit you to make and get calls through the Mac, however to utilize the content informing highlight and the moment hotspot highlight you should be running iOS 8.1 and have particularly matched the iPhone with the portable workstation.

You will likewise need the same iCloud account running on both gadgets and as a rule the be on the same Wi-Fi system. In fact telephone calls needn’t bother with Bluetooth simply the same Wi-Fi system, yet for Handoff and Hotspot to work you will require Bluetooth turned on.

It appears the general dependable guideline is when conceivable be as associated as could be allowed for everything to work consistently.


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