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Here is a quick guide that we’ve prepared to help you create visually stunning and engaging articles. We will show you just how fast and easy it is to compose neat & legible articles.

Isn’t that great? Thanks to the leading paragraph you and your readers will immediately know what the article is about but what’s better, all that is handled by the theme allowing you to fully focus on the content. It just works (we use magic).

What’s more you see all that changes, live, as you type, that way you know exactly how your article will look like on the page no need for tedious refreshing or tweaking paragraphs after you hit publish. It trully is an one of a kind experience.

If you made it this far it most likely due to the typography, the color, the font, the size and spacing, layout all that was precisely crafted and well-considered to make your content more legible and as a result more engaging for your readers.

You’re still reading? Great. IT’S WORKING! MUHAHA! Sorry… Have you noticed that so far you’ve learned absolutely nothing? Well, that’s because TIMES does most of that boring stuff for you but we don’t want to take the power away form you quite the opposite.

See, TIMES is made to empower your content and with this article we want to show you how to make the most out of available tools and create visually pleasing articles. First pro tip: most people are quickly skimming through your content to find information, we are all busy people, so let’s make it easier for ourselves with a title.

Title no. 1 – The most important title of all

The title above is a king of titles. He rules the content, he secures the borders, he makes content great again. Waaait… A good king represents the paragraphs below him, a good king doesn’t cheat with other parts of content because a good king is loyal to it’s peers. Yet sometimes even a very good king needs help.

Title no. 2 – On Her Majesty’s Secret Service

The Agent 002 is the one. He narrows things down and helps even more with the order in places where king doesn’t reach. What’s interesting he was drafted to service by no one else than Queen Content the Third to keep the peace. In case of an emergency he takes over the article making him one powerful asset.

Title no. 3 – NOBLE, aristocrats

Last member of highborn, a Title with the manners & qualities of a superior class. It’s function in the content is mostly ostentatious, though it’s know to serve on behalf of Agent 002 in rare cases. Drafted to service by 002 and authorised by Content Kingdom with regulatory license, alternately dependent on king and 002.

Title no. 4 – Lord, Represent of the Army

Solely dependent on the King, drafted to service with one mission — protect the order in the content — at all cost. Known to serve in for Agent 002 or aristocracy in cases where Kingdom decides to show off it’s military in order to protect hostile forces trying to spread anarchy or lawlessness in the content.

Title no. 5 – Forewarned is Forearmed

Direct representative of paragraphs public, drafted to service by either King or on behalf of other titles respectively. Known to appear in extremely rare cases, so rare that public knowledge of him is based merely on legends and word of mouth…

Alright… alright. I admit I got a bit carried away with this title hierarchy kingdom analogy, but you get the idea. Titles create hierarchy in your content, they are designed in a way that allows you to structure your content. You may find yourself using only one title style, or two, or three in every case there is one rule:

You don’t have to use style titles one by one, feel free to mix them up, but please mind the ascending order as it significantly helps with the hierarchy. Title order: 1, 2, 4 is good but 3, 1, 5 is not.

You probably know by now that this article is mainly for reference purposes and most tips, that we share, follow common sense. With that in mind treat this article as an exhibition, simply an article to draw inspiration from. So continue scrolling if you want to discover more of TIMES — we still have a lot to show you 😉

And what's a better way to show than image?
And what’s a better way to show than image?

It got boring in here, so the key 🔑 is to brighten up your articles with a little image from time to time. And if you feel like there isn’t enough words, feel free to add a text caption on top of your image. If your words still get jealous over images tell them to wipe those tears, there is a solution.


See! Just like that! Now, if there is enough screen space and your image is aligned to the left or right, both words and images get equal space, equal shine. Since text and image share the same space, obviously the picture had to be smaller and therefore it’s details were compromised which is no good for high-quality photos.

Thanks to TIMES custom-made lightbox feature you can simply click the photo to enlarge it and see it in its full size glory. Try it out on any photo in the article.

So how long can a caption be? Stupid long. See, I just typed out a lot of words here and the text is still perfectly readable even though it spans three lines or more. Remember, we want to empower you not limit you

Can’t stress enough how important images are in an article. They just make reading so much pleasurable and fun, don’t they? That’s another pro tip right there. Speaking of tips, here is an ordered list of 5 best ways to write better articles:

  1. Write original content. Coping other will never do you good, especially that Google recently updated it’s algorithms and will punish duplicate content,
  2. Headline is everything. Most people will only read a headline, about 20% will read your article, so make sure to make your headlines interesting & surprising,
  3. Show them how to take action. You shouldn’t tell readers exactly what to do, instead give your them some tips on how to apply what they just learned,
  4. Thought provoking articles. Leave some questions unanswered to spark a discussion. Fell free to tell stories, people love them,
  5. Don’t beat around the bush. Cut straight to the chase, we are all busy. Don’t throw words around like it’s nothing, focus on your message, cut the fluff.

There you go! There’s no better way to make a list than to make a list. You feel me. Of course you can pull of any bulleted, nested list you want, we support them all.

Shortcode[ʃɔrtkoʊd] – code that lets you do nifty things with very little effort.

You just witnessed an “Alert shortcode” bundled with TIMES. It let’s you insert an alert, in two colors, into the article. What’s better, you don’t even have to remeber the shortcode code [alert] — you can add it with the click of a button. The button is located in the same row as bold, italic or blockquote button, first from right.

 Product name (<thead> styling)  Quantity for 2018
 Books (Non-fiction) 120’093 books
 Movies (Comedy) 31’080 movies
Music (Classical) 840’356 tracks

Want to make a table? Sure, it’s supported – but! Big and complicated tables don’t look good on mobile and if you care about responsiveness (you should) just keep this in mind. Alright, I hope that by now you have the basic idea about this theme, the style, the typography and hopefully how we approach content creation.

 Get TIMES & Create Stunning Articles

Thank you for your time and attention. One last thing. TIMES comes bundled with a fully featured “Button shortcode” (inserted also with a button). It comes in 3 colors, 2 sizes and +600 fontAwesome icons. See one of ~3600 combinations above.

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