How For Years Theatre Influenced Everyday Life

Published 3 years ago -

Theater developments around the globe have reflected social changes and frequently affected them. The procedure proceeds and Bengal is not an exemption.

Theater has had as much effect on the political and social existences of the state as silver screen and writing, as per researcher and academician Chinmay Guha. Conveying the Papia Chakraborty commemoration address at Bangla Akademi on Friday, Guha harped widely on the advancement of stagecraft, playwriting and dramatists around the globe.

“After the world wars, theater has never been the same. It achieved sensational changes in social orders crosswise over Europe. This was thus reflected in their craft and culture. While film and writing experienced a change, it was maybe not as telling as that of theater.

The flood of this change achieved India, as well, in the mid-1950s and brought forth an exceptionally solid gathering theater development in Bengal which keeps on existing,” said Guha. Alluding to the works of fabulous writers like Samuel Becket and Eugene Ionesco, Guha expounded on how they broke the type of customary theater and altered stagecraft.

“Plays like The Killer, The Chair and Rhinoceros changed the idea of plays the world over. Ionesco, for occasion, guaranteed that anything was conceivable in theater. He trusted in stunning the group of onlookers both specifically and through unusual scenes. “His peers like Becket shared the vision.

They were, as it were, offering vent to the disappointment and an absence of reason that then existed in European social orders. Silver screen, as well, mirrored that purposelessness yet maybe not all that unequivocally,” clarified Guha.

The address, a yearly occasion held to respect stage performer Papia Chakraborty who passed on in 1993, was trailed by a play perusing session. Veteran theater identities Mohit Chattopadhyay and Meghnad Bhattacharya partook in the session..

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