Office Culture is All About the Community

Published 3 years ago -

Companies, both big and small, are at war for talent. Battles are fought daily, and one of the most important strategies from an offensive and defensive standpoint is to develop a strong corporate culture

In a world dominated by social media – from Glassdoor to Twitter to Facebook – your brand can’t be faked. Here are seven ways to create a place where people want to work:

1. Open concept design

Forget individual desks or cubicles. At our office, everyone works side-by-side at long tables, in the same space.

What better way to foster creative collaborations and the cross pollination of ideas than having your colleagues and boss hollering distance from your work station? What we’ve discovered as we’ve expanded, however, is the importance for an open concept office to have an equal share of breakout rooms for smaller meetings and brainstorming sessions – or a quick video-game break.

2. Unique office aesthetic.

Uber5000, BIRDO, Ansermysteriousdate, Kizmet, Poser and PUA69 – those are just a few of the local street artists we commissioned to create artwork for our office walls. Creativity is a key component to our definition of success and we want our employees to come to work feeling inspired to create.

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Knowing that spending time outside can reduce stress levels and relieve tensions, nothing is worse for brain blocks than being stuck in an office without natural light. We deliberately chose an office space with big north windows and an abundance of natural light. We also keep plenty of green around – you can’t walk 10 feet through our office without coming across a large-leafed plant.

As for furniture, you won’t find any cookie-cutter designs here. We have a table, for instance, that was converted from an old 1930s bowling alley; another was made with reclaimed douglas-fir beams from 1910 factory in Tennessee.

3. Plenty of snacks, coffee and beer.

We want our team to feel full and fueled when they’re at work. The office has an unlimited supply of healthy snacks and coffee on hand, including an espresso machine for those seeking the extra caffeine kick (which turns out to be most people).


But creative collaboration isn’t limited within the confines of a nine-to-five work schedule. The beer fridge is always stocked for those who want to stick around and crack a beer after work and get those other creative juices flowing.

4. Location, location, location.

When we expanded our office from our former west-end Toronto location, we thought (very very very briefly) about moving further north (rent would surely have been much cheaper!), but we ultimately settled on an entire floor in a brick and beam space in the heart of downtown Toronto, right at the corner of Adelaide and Spadina.

It’s important to us that our employees and visitors can walk to the office through the hustle and bustle of the entertainment district, or quickly get here from the subway..

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